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hand selected by  Allan and  Thomas.

Fields of Interest

Here is some input from the interwebs
we thought you might like. Enjoy.

🔬 Gradient Descent: The Ultimate Optimizer

🎬 Oculus Connect 6 Day 2 Keynote (John Carmack)

🔬 Don't fear the Terminator

📻 Elements of Clojure

🎮 Very Easy Mode


Here are a few things
that are going on in and near Vienna right now.

📆 Clojure Meetup October (October 3rd)

📆 Ready2Order Ideas Hackathon (October 4th)

📆 TwitchDev Jam: 2019 (Deadline: 5:00pm EDT October 22nd, 2019)

📆 ViennaJS October Meetup (October 30th)

📆 Coding Contest (November 8th)

📆 1. Gastro Hackathon (November 9th)

📆 SBCL's 20th Anniversary Workshop (December 9-10th)

Open Positions

We were looking for the most interesting
open software development positions available right now.

This list mainly focuses on companies in Vienna
and companies that have a connection to Vienna.

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Do you know about an interesting company or position we missed? Please reach out and let us know.