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Fields of Interest

Here is some input from the interwebs
we thought you might like. Enjoy.

🔬 Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know (by Year)

🎬 Rethinking Identity with Clojure

🔬 Bloom Filters by Example

📖 Professor Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming

🔬 Deep Dive into APL

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Here are a few things
that are going on in and near Vienna right now.

📆 Reason Meetup May (May 15th)

📆 Work beyond the games industry (May 16th)

📆 React May Meetup (May 17th)

📆 May Angular Be With You (May 17th)

📆 DNSheads Vienna #6: The Changing Landscape of DNS (May 22th)

📆 7th Applied AI Meetup - IP & legal considerations in AI (May 23th)

📆 Scala Meetup - May 2019 (May 23th)

📆 ViennaJS Monthly Meetup (May 29th)

Open Positions

We were looking for the most interesting
open software development positions available right now.

This list mainly focuses on companies in Vienna
and companies that have a connection to Vienna.

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Do you know about an interesting company or position we missed? Please reach out and let us know.